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28 Jul 2015 JTF nabs suspected pipeline vandals, sea pirates in Delta, BayelsJTF nabs suspected pipeline vandals, sea pirates in Delta, Bayelsa
28 Jul 2015 Navy Discovers, Destroys 19 Illegal Oil Refineries In Delta
28 Jul 2015 Nigeria expects further rise in reserves as NNPC moves more funds to CBN
27 Jul 2015  How pipeline vandals trouble Arepo community
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 … securing the future of developing nations

Theft of oil costs oil companies, governments (and the communities they serve) hundreds of millions of dollars each year in Nigeria alone. In addition to loss of revenue, oil theft fuels violence and insecurity, feeds corruption, finances the purchase of weapons, corrupts youth, escalates youth unemployment, causes environmental pollution and destabilizes communal life.

The concept of oil certification follows the success of the “conflict diamonds” initiative and aims to hit the well-organised theft of oil by choking off the market for the stolen oil and interrupting the supply chain.
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